Our Sweet Fleet of wedding getaway classics


The Pride of our fleet is our 1940 Buick Special Series 41 Sedan. With innovations that demonstrated America’s auto industry genius just prior to World War 2. This classic auto delivers style, elegance, and an amazing ride.  Our bride’s full dresses are no match for the spacious back seat, and an enhanced radio allows us to sweep you back to 1940 America with actual radio broadcasts from the time. This is a non air-conditioned auto.

Our 1940 Buick is named Madeleine after the elegant french sponge cookie that has similar sexy lines and curves.

‘Vinny’ (available in 2018)

Vinny which is short for Divinity is a nod to the sweet, snow white candy that is irresistible. This describes our 1961 Cadillac series 6300 Deville 6 Window ‘Towne’ Sedan to a tee. Captivating tail fins, that cloud-like ride that is the hallmark of the Cadillac brand. Vinny is a rare Cadillac in that only 3000 were made for 1961 that have a shortened rear deck so they could fit more easily into garages and parking spots. Vinny’s backseat is so spacious the whole wedding party could fit! However, Vinny is most interested in catering to you and your new spouse. Our 1961 Cadillac features air conditioning.

‘Chiboust’ (Available in 2018)

European inspired elegance is ever present in our unique 1977 Mercedes Benz 230 model sedan. Our Benz, who we affectionately call Chiboust, which is the French term for a velvety cream filling used in a variety of classic desserts, was designed for the American market in that it is a rare gasoline powered 4 cylinder 123w salon sedan. Rich tan interior appointments bring back the pulse and fun of the 1970s.  A great getaway car for that eclectic couple or a fantastic wedding car for parents or grandparents. Our 1977 Mercedes Benz nods to the great history of Mercedes manufacturing in Alabama and is an air-conditioned auto.