Our Sweet Fleet of Wedding Getaway Classics

Please Note: We will no longer do weddings send offs with Sparklers larger than 20″. . They are too dangerous around the vintage autos as well as dangerous to your guests. Please see our contract for complete details


Meet  our Sweet Rose, a 1940 Buick Super. Rose is very special in many ways. The Buick Super was the newest model introduced for  the 1940 Buick line of autos. Our Rose comes from Glenn’s Home town of Cincinnati Ohio. She is named after Glenn’S Grandmother Rose who guided his first pastry endeavors.  We are the third owners of this piece of automobile history. She has 58,000 original documented miles and everything about her is original including her paint. This is a true classic that will make our couples feel as special as Rose is as she pulls up to be part of your very special occasion. Call Sweet Glide Vintage Ride LLC to schedule Rose for your upcoming event!




Vinny which is short for Divinity is a nod to the sweet, snow white candy that is irresistible. This describes our 1961 Cadillac series 6300 Deville 6 Window ‘Towne’ Sedan to a tee. Captivating tail fins, that cloud-like ride that is the hallmark of the Cadillac brand. Vinny is a rare Cadillac in that only 3000 were made for 1961 that have a shortened rear deck so they could fit more easily into garages and parking spots. Vinny’s backseat is so spacious the whole wedding party could fit! However, Vinny is most interested in catering to you and your new spouse.






Meet The newest member of our Sweet fleet, Candy, our sexy and sassy 1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible. Candy comes to us from Tenn, and she is sleek and sexy and will be a showstopper getaway car that all your guests will remember. With Her 390 engine, Candy apple red and burgundy interior and amazing fully retractable ragtop that folds into the trunk, she is just fun fun fun. Your getaway pics will be memorable with you sitting on the trunk of this beauty!  You have more personality than a stuffy Rolls Royce, show it with Candy…she is without a doubt a dandy!!




European inspired elegance is ever present in our unique 1977 Mercedes Benz 230 model sedan. Our Benz, who we affectionately call Chiboust, which is the French term for a velvety cream filling used in a variety of classic desserts, was designed for the American market in that it is a rare gasoline powered 4 cylinder 123w salon sedan. Rich tan interior appointments bring back the pulse and fun of the 1970s.  A great getaway car for that eclectic couple or a fantastic wedding car for parents or grandparents. Our 1977 Mercedes Benz nods to the great history of Mercedes manufacturing in Alabama and is an air-conditioned auto.